Welcome to Barrel of laughs. You should never mix your drinks, but mixing comedy and a few toots is always a good idea.

How does it work?

Dave Levinsohn has been in the comedy industry for more that 10 years. The need to have regular comedy gigs has always been primary, but there is a distinct lack of comedy clubs in the country. There are a lot of established venues like Golf Clubs and wine farms, with excellent conference facilities. So why not take the comedy to these places? And that’s where Barrel of Laughs became a reality.

At an established venue, we can set up lighting and a sound system and have a comedy night! if you have a promotion running or a current product you’d like people to sample, you could host a comedy evening and include your wine tasting or beer sampling within a relaxed and fun environment of a ‘Comedy Night’. We provide 3 comics including a host, for a really competitive fee.

Satisfied Customers

This is an innovative way to entertain our market and highlight new products”
- W J Taylor - Atlantic Beach Golf Club.
“Dave brought in Bernard who did the most entertaining and educational Whisky tasting”
- Johannesburg Country Club.

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